Our club was informally founded in 1988 by a small group of adults determined to promote track and field events as a "sport for life!" You are NEVER too old to reap the numerous benefits of this diverse sport. From long distance to short sprints, pole vaulting to hurdling, triple jumping to hammer throwing, there is an event waiting for you!

Very few (if any) sports provide the same benefits to health that the sport of track and field does. The various activities help improve bone density, circulation, overall strength and of course emotional and mental health.

Our philosophy: Use it or lose it. Atrophy is knocking on the door. Don't ignore ANY part of your body, or that will be the part that keeps you from the starting line. Diverse workouts keep you mentally hungry while training your body to be its best.

We workout weekly, go to meets all over the globe, have social events (summer pool party, winter holiday party, group meals) and we even put on a cross country event annually.

We welcome all athletes ages 14 and older (and even younger when a parent works out with us too!)

Get started and come join us for a workout!