The Waterloo Track and Field Club

Helpful schedules for meets in Texas:
Track For Life
Texas Senior Games
University of Houston

I know what you're thinking . . . Why can't I find a schedule that lists ALL meets in one place?

The main reason in the intended audience of the meet. Some meets are for youth, some for the Open age group, some for Masters, Seniors, Throwers, Racewalkers, etc..

Solution? Add all meets to the USATF National Website Schedule.
I'm talking to YOU!!
Anyone can add a meet (See link below) to the USATF website. Now, before you add your meet, make sure someone else hasn't already done so. Use the Search link below to look for your meet.

You can add a NON-USATF event to the USATF schedule. Be ready to provide contact info, event info, etc., but this really is THE best place to add ALL events. Once folks start doing this, then will become the STANDARD for all schedules!! The next time you (or someone you know) plans an event, make sure they plan on adding it to the USATF Calendar!!!

Know some more good schedules? Email us with the details.