The Waterloo Track and Field Club
How to Put on a Track and Field Meet

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  1. Pick a date and time
    If you're doing multi-events (decathlon or heptathlon), you'll need at least 2 consecutive days. Some meets have field events on one day, and the running events on another. This can make it easier on your officiating crew. The date will be subject to the availability of a facility, of course.
  2. Form an LOC (Local Organizing Committee)
    You'll need about 5-6 people to manage the following major tasks:

    • Secure a site
      Someone in the school system, like a coach, who could get a good deal on the facility rental. You might offer perks such as letting the school booster club get the concessions revenue if that would keep the rental fee low
    • Volunteers
      Several dozen volunteers are needed to run the registration desk, set up hurdles, help officials, etc. Perhaps someone connected with the local Boy/Girl Scouts or a youth groups would be interested, and part of the revenue could go to their organization.
    • Sponsors
      Someone to work with local businesses to provide: water, meal for officials, perhaps T-shirts for the athletes, etc
    • Media
      Someone connected with radio/TV/paper to get the word out
    • Athlete recuitment
      Someone to get athletes to compete. Contact gyms, clubs, etc.
    • Officials
      Someone to obtain certificed officials for critical roles, and other officials for non-critical roles. Work closely with the Volunteer Chair to fill all the necessary roles.
  3. Site Review
    Review the site and make sure it meets USATF guidelines with regards to safety, etc.
  4. Get the USATF sanction and medals