The Waterloo Track and Field Club
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What does this club do?
Can I get sponsored by this club?

At what age may I join the club?

Do I have to be a USATF member?
Not to be in the club, but yes to compete in some meets.
If you join USATF, list us as your club! We are:
Club: Waterloo TF Club (314)
Association: Southwestern (26)

Do you have to compete to be in the club?

Is this club all work and no play?
No way! We have at least two parties a year, and sometimes grab a bite together. When we travel to meets together, we always try to have as much fun as possible!

Who do you compete against?
People your own age. The Open division is generally defined as post-high school folks that aren't 30 years old. Masters competition is typically in 5 year age groups for your gender, starting at age 30. So, a 62 year old only competes against other 60-64 year olds. In some events, age groups are combined, but the awards are based on the 5-year age groups.

What events are offered?
Most meets offer all track and field events (throws, jumps, hurdles, even the steeplechase!) Each meet's registration form will clarify which events are offered.

How do I enter a meet?
Typically, meets will be advertised in an online schedule (like ours - See Schedule). Each meet provides information regarding how to enter and other pertinent information.

Where & when do you workout?
We meet as a club once a week at 4 PM on Sundays at the Austin High School track. Complete details here.

What can you tell me about the club's background?
Based in Austin, Texas, the club was informally founded in 1988 by a small group of adults determined to promote track and field events as a "sport for life!" We support each other no matter what. We've got throwers, jumpers, sprinters, hurdlers and middle-distance folks, and we range in age from 19 to 89!

How do I join?
Print this membership form and mail it in with your check to the address on the form.

What's a "master"?
When you turn 30, you're generally considered a master athlete. There are a few exceptions.

What's a "senior"?
When you turn 50, you're generally considered a senior athlete.

When are the track & field meets?
Check out the Schedule. Many organizations don't post their meets until the spring or summer, so keep checking.

How do you put on a Track & Field Meet?
Check out this How To guide. Besides promoting this great sport, meets can be good fundraisers.

How do I contact you?
(512) 694-7655 or Email

We are a VERY laid back club, with some wise and experienced members that will help you train smarter while minimizing inevitable injuries. Contact us to get started!

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