The Waterloo Track and Field Club
Recognizing Club members with awesome performances!

PLP (performance-level percentage) classifications are:
100%= Approximate World Record Level
Over 90%= World Class
Over 80%= National Class
Over 70%= Regional Class
Over 60%= Local Class

90% Barrier Breakers
Bev Wills800 Meters3:13.27 2013 Brazil
Bev Wills1500 Meters6:51.62 2013 Brazil
Desmond Bynum100 Meters10.46 2012 Lisle, IL
Donna Lawrence60 Meters7.9 2011 Albuquerque, NM
Donna Lawrence100 Meters12.43 2011 Waco, TX
Donna Lawrence100 Meters12.35 2013 San Marcos, TX
Donna Lawrence200 Meters25.33 2013 San Marcos, TX
Ed JonesLong Jump5.81 2003 Puerto Rico
Ed Jones100 Meters12.80 2003 Puerto Rico
Jeff Brower60 High Hurdles9.09 2010 Kamloops, Canada
Jeff Brower60 High Hurdles9.35 2011 Albuquerque, NM
Jeff Brower60 High Hurdles9.39 2012 Bloomington, IA
Jeff Brower110 High Hurdles15.78 2006 Coppell, TX
Jeff Brower400 Intermediate Hurdles60.22 2006 Charlotte, NC
Jeff Brower400 Intermediate Hurdles63.08 2009 Oshkosh, WI
Jim CawleyHigh Jump