Just returned from a great vacation out west. You probably don't want to hear this: I jumped at Santa Barbara (78 degrees) and then at Eugene (75 degrees) last Thursday, then attended the Junior Olympics in Seattle Sat. (70 degrees). One of my boys jumped there. They were beautiful, but we did not jump well. I did only 9' both places. Watching the video later, I discovered I was dropping my grip. Oh well, there's the future. Josh, my vaulter who qualified 3 weeks ago at 14'5" did not do well (12'11),

which points up the dangers of leaving on vacation and not being able to coach him. He relearned some of his bad habits.

I made some interesting contacts: Bubba Sparks in Santa Barbara, Steve Smith (the 1970s WR holder 18'6"), Dennis Franz? (age 50 13 footer), Ed Lipscomb (age 48 15 footer -- Larry M's age 50 WR may not last) and some guys who are reviving the vault at my alma mater Marshfield High in Coos Bay, OR. They have a sophomore jumping 15'.

I went by Jan Johnson's PV camp in Atascadero, CA, but unfortunately, though they were in the middle of a camp, they had taken all the boys to the beach for surfing. Looks like a great facility. Eugene's facility (Hayward Field) is incredible. Two huge pits. You'll love it, but be ready to dodge the javelins (the OB is only about 10' from one of the runways).

Sparks disowned his SW Texas vault page. Put it off on Shawn Deveroux.

Steve Smith got in an auto accident a couple years ago he thought would end his vaulting (he was still over 16' age 45), but he has recovered such that he is able to go 11? plus LEFT HANDED. Eshbach of Orangefield won the JO at 16'7. Henley, also of O,

penetrated into the bar at 15'11" three times for second and Pooh Williams of Portland, OR made 15'5" for third. Brian Elmore's youth vaulter won the Youth division. I think he jumped 13' or so. I don't know any results from the Intermediate and Brian didn't say, so I assume his boys didn't do well.

Meets in the Fall and Winter would be great. I would be willing to host one or two, if we can generate some interest and I'm sure I can get some HS vaulters up to Erickson's. What I'd really like to see is a BEACH vault meet somewhere around Galveston. I would be willing to use our pit and roll out runway if we can get some pickups to transport them down and back.

Do you have Larry McIntyre's or Brian Elmore's e-mail address? If so, forward this to them and let's see if we can get this going.

From S.K. Warr