The Waterloo Track and Field Club
About Us

Our club was informally founded in 1988 by a small group of adults determined to promote track and field events as a "sport for life!"

Very few (if any) sports provide the same benefits to health that the sport of track and field does. The variety of activities helps improve bone density, circulation, and overall strength.

Our Current Officers

Weekly Workouts

We travel to local, national & international meets together. A handful of us went to Gateshead, England in 1999, Puerto Rico in 2003, Honolulu and San Sebastian, Spain in 2005, Riccione, Italy in 2007! We support each other no matter what. We've got throwers, jumpers, sprinters, hurdlers and middle-distance folks, adults of all ages.

We also help officiate at multiple meets around the state, giving back to the sport we love, while providing essential support for the direction of meets such as the Annual Lions/Waterloo Championships and the Annual Lions/Waterloo Relays (See our Home Page for links to past results or upcoming meets)!

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It's a very laid back club, with some wise and experienced members that will help you train smarter while minimizing inevitable injuries. Contact us at the email address below for the location of our next workout and/or track and field meet!

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